a liquid cure for my landlocked blues

mmm. there's still no feeling quite like killing on a final. even after all this time, walking out of my last class today into thick warm afternoon sunshine with my three-thousand-pound backpack and my "see you soon"s to a few classmates and my awesome professor...i wanted to shout and laugh and run and say HAHA world, i did it! now i am free.

or no, wait, i'm not...i have to be at the airport in a few hours and then i will fly through the night and wake up in minnesota where it is hot and sticky in the august lakecountry, and where my fundamentalist christian relatives from florida are part of the already-assembled cast of the reunion which awaits. (c said "i'm guessing you don't like them very much" as i described my florida rellies, waving hands around and with a sour face...i said "yes i know i'm very hard to read" and she said "well, i'm highly intuitive.")

it's not really that i don't like them, it's that i don't know them. and somehow i'm guessing the godless lefty bisexual heathen (from san francisco, no less!) with the labret piercing isn't gonna measure up to their memory of the sweetly shyly smiling gap-toothed bowl-cut ten year old on applecheeked ski trips. i could be wrong...but i doubt it. it's fine, i mean it really makes no difference to me, i know what the people who matter think and it's all good. i'm just sayin'...it could be an interesting few days. and no internet, or sporadic internet, gasp choke i shall surely perish.

but i'm a little bummed that this blog is just getting going and now i have to leave for awhile. stick with me, you few but awesome early adopters. i will try to make it worth your while. photos of dour floridians, perhaps?