bathrooms, bob, and bart

i didn't get too far on the fauconnier. my friend bob made me go into the city and watch wedding crashers at the metreon. i got there a little early so i wandered around taking photos, the metreon is always such a weird place for me.

i really wish this photo were more in focus because...is that a dog?! did someone bring their little poodle-lookin' dog into the metreon bathroom? rad.

my friend bob is interesting. he's this total rocker motorcycle dude, pretty hot i think but our vibe is definitely platonic. so he can say things like "i know we're just friends, but if you ever do want to have sex, just let me know." and somehow i just laugh and it isn't creepy...because it's bob. it must be some kind of superpower. i remember one time i was very sad about the ex (i always feel that deserves capitals, THE ex) right after we broke up the first time and i was im'ing bob and he said all the usual things you would say to cheer someone up and then i said i was signing off and he said "okay, well call me anytime if you want to talk." and then a couple seconds pause and he sent: "naked." and i just laughed which was pretty fucking amazing at that particular moment.

i am so lucky because right now i have more friends and better friends than i ever have, at any other time of my life. they are amazing, super smart and creative and perceptive and honest and awesome. and the lengths to which they have gone in being good to me is completely astonishing. the thing is though, and i feel like such a brat even saying this, even thinking it, but my best friends are basically all female. well, the ex was my best friend before we went out, and i guess he probably still is among my best friends but we're not hanging out so it's abstract, it's not a friendship that really touches me these days. anyway, it was nice tonight, hanging out with a friend who's a guy and who i'm still getting to know. guys just have a different energy and it's good to be around that.

oh! one other interesting thing...the operator on my bart train back to oaktown...his voice sounded exactly like tony pierce of busblog fame. i wonder if his new job is secretly being a bart operator on the pittsburg/bay point line?