luv u muthrfukr

today i got the following text message from an ex-gf who i'm now good friends with:
"Thx 4 the call. Sam came thru im hangin w them now. How ru?"

graaaaahhhhhhhhh. i hate that! i can't even tell you how much i hate that! they haven't invented letters yet to encapture so much hate. i think i just made up the word 'encapture'.

okay, i do kind of enjoy 'thx' but 4 and u and thru drive me absolutely crazy. who are you, prince?! no, you're my hot little asian ex-gf so i know you're not prince and you're also not a teenager so stop writing like wow-this-is-my-first-time-in-a-chatroom-lololol.

nobody but prince and teenagers should type like that. if you can legally enter a bar and you don't have a predilection for purple velvet then you need to type ALL the letters. or at least a majority of them.

i think this is because i've been around the internet for a pretty long time, since way before the www and aol even existed. i understand lazy fingers, i haven't capitalized anything in years (even in work emails, so unprofessional but i really don't care) and i see punctuation as something that is nice but not really required. but you just have to draw the line somewhere, you know? and that line apparently is just on the 'yo' side of 'you'.

i kind of want to text her back with:
i m duin gud 2.