homage to frank chu

frank chu is a fixture in downtown sf. at first look you would think he's just another asian businessdrone, fairly neat & well-groomed, often wearing shades, dressed more professionally than i ever am (not that that's saying much). until you notice that he is holding up a sign on a stick, like you might see someone carrying in a protest march. and you look at his sign and it used to say a lot of things about impeaching bush and clinton but these days it's mostly about the ultratronic/megatronic/technotronic twelve galaxies and robots and rockets and things. he also seems to have major issues with network news, he rambles incoherently about that in his strident, gravelly voice when the crossing lights are red and a small crowd gathers on the corner, people just trying to get to another day at the office.

there's even a newish venue here in sf called 12 galaxies, i think it must also be in homage to frank.

anyway, i see frank chu often on my way to work and it always makes me happy. i think he kinda knows that he doesn't disturb me. i always see him frightening tourists and other financial district workers with his crazy aggro vibe, but he just leaves me alone. maybe because once i caught his eye and i just looked at him like "yeah dude, you're dressed well, good hair and shit, you're obviously not that crazy. but it's cool, you just keep doing your thing and i'll do mine." then i nodded at him and maybe that was all in my head but frank has never once targetted me with his yelling rants. even when it's just me&him on the corner of bush and montgomery, he just stands there, quietly holding his sign.

some people are annoyed by frank but i just think...i love that i get to exist here, where someone like him is not only accepted as a part of the local scenery but in fact embraced, local businesses now advertise on the reverse side of his sign. "best webhosting in the twelve galaxies," etc. i love that there is someone like frank chu to break the monotony of the morning commute, just like i love the guy who's always singing "close to you" in the montgomery bart station. i try to give that guy a buck from time to time, and i would do the same for frank if he appeared to be asking for it.