kinda boring post about my day

some other days you have to go outside because it's beautiful.
you have to listen to the undertones and shake your ass.
and call your friends and say i'm done being a hermit!
it's all about the balance, you know?

this weekend i worked on my new! improved! blog! a bunch. it should be ready within a couple weeks or so, i'm going to be moving to a new domain and including a musicblog with links to downloadable songs in addition to these ramblings. the legality of the musicblog is questionable but it's not like i'm gonna be putting metallica in there or anything so hopefully it won't be an issue.

my 'i'm such a dork' moment came today in best buy and then comp usa when i was feeling pissy about how much they're overcharging for external hard drives. and i was like omg this is ridiculous i can't believe they're charging like a buck fifty per gig, i should just buy a damn case and order a drive online and save myself a bunch of cash.

and then i was like wait...a buck fifty per GIG. and i remembered the MASSIVELY INTIMIDATING TWENTY MEGABYTE HARD DRIVE on my first computer (packard bell 286 notebook with 1mb memory, 3.5" floppy drive, and external 2400 baud modem, sweet!) and the fact that our good old family IIgs didn't even HAVE a hard drive and i had to laugh.

then i saw a nice la cie drive for like 75cents per gig and that seemed okay and plus it's really pretty and metal and minimalistic looking. i might be geeky but i'm still a girl.

also today i made a vegetarian moussaka which is pretty much like a regular moussaka except you put in minced portobello mushrooms instead of ground lamb. i downloaded the recipe from a vegetarian recipe newsgroup and it's so snarky, it says after the mushrooms line "(if you insist on meat, substitute ground lamb or beef)".

let's see what else...oh yeah so the undertones' first big hit is this song called 'teenage kicks' and it's about this guy who lusts after this girl walking around his neighborhood and he wants to have her over & "get teenage kicks right through the night". i think i'm going to send it to tony pierce 'cause every time i hear it it reminds me of him. the internet's unabashed humbert humbert. hopefully he won't be mad, i'll let you know.