aural hygiene

speaking of music, if you're just hanging around saturday afternoon wondering what to do, you should check out my pal mason (playing as numinous) on kfjc. he was a founding member of subarachnoid space, he's played with all kinds of folks including members of the boredoms, ghost, acid mothers temple, etc. he's a great musician; experimental psych-noise isn't completely my thing but i was once entranced for 1/2 hour straight by him playing his guitar with a screwdriver. furthermore, he's an awesome person. he came with me to buy my guitar a couple years ago because i wanted to hear what it would sound like when played by someone who could, well, play guitar. he has a recording studio in his basement and has offered to record some songs i wrote even though i'm, well, terrible.

you can hear him on kfjc's internet feed at 4pm (pacific) on saturday.


"i have dental excitement and nobody wants to hear about it" i said.
"tell me" said my friend from school, will (who is not willtheboy).

which i thought was so nice and so i told him about how i hadn't been to the dentist in a really long time, and how i'm not always good about flossing and always get scolded for that. and i told him about how i thought they were going to make me take out my labret because it's bad for your gums. and about how almost every dentist tries to make me get my wisdom teeth out even though they're fine and healthy and i like being wise, thank you. and so when i went to the dentist this morning it was awesome because they complimented me on how clean i keep my teeth (i have flossed piously all these last seven days since i made the appointment) and they said everything looks good in there and the best thing was that they were into my piercing and not only did they not tell me to take it out permanently, but when i offered to remove it for xrays the dentist said actually can you leave it in? i want to save the pictures, if it's okay with you, and use them when i teach dental school to show what the jewelry looks like.

and then, when i was done telling everything, will said:

"i thought when you said you had a dental story you were talking about phonology."