where is the goat?

hello, my poor neglected internet.
mama's home now.

ew...that was creepy. scratch that.

1. fast breaking news flash:
OMG i finished re-revising my paper at 3am last night. it's as done as it's gonna get, i'm DONE. berkeley apps are due tomorrow and i'm ready for it. well okay i have to revise my personal statement (as opposed to my statement of purpose) but THEN i will be done.

no, for reals.

2. question:
wait, have i reached that point with school where i'm never really going to be done?

3. slow breaking news flash:
it's 2006, crazy. i had some thoughts on last year and some resolutions for this year that i wrote while i was up in tahoe fearing the outdoors. also some stuff i wrote while i was in mn for xmas too about how charming and irritating my family is. maybe i'll slap it up here later.

4. mundane daily trivia:
they upped the bart fare and nobody told me. so there i was with $3.00 on my card thinking i'm all in like flynn 'cause my fare is 2.90 but no, now it's 3.10, and the thing beeps at me and the little doors won't open and of course it's commute time so there's a bunch of people behind me and i have to back up and everyone's all grumpy and i'm like "sorry, sorry" but i probably said it too quietly for them to hear me 'cause i was rocking the fugazi on the ipod and you know i don't wanna be one of those yelling-cause-i'm-wearing-headphones types so...whatever. i'm just sayin.

like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of my life.