flirting is one of those things like obscenity, good art, or indie rock; it's hard to pin down an exact definition with all the parameters, but you know it when you see it. will says it's the suspension of certain social conventions, like personal space or the rule of keeping conversation light. i think of it more as an exchange of a certain kind of energy, it can happen with words touches smiles eyes or even strategic avoidance.

so 'hot' (so dubbed by karen) and i have had a little of that going on and it causes small illicit thrills, and maybe i enjoy it a little more because it feels a little dangerous. or maybe i play up the danger to make myself enjoy it more. it's circular but these things often are, aren't they? they feed themselves. all i know is that what's off limits is typically more compelling. cheating sex can be the best kind. yeah it's fucked up but are you gonna tell me i'm wrong?

there are some people who, for whatever reason, just pull at you a little (or a lot). even if you know it's a bad idea. but ultimately flirting is meaningless and i think if i can remember that i'll be fine.