a new project

a little email exchange with will of betheboy (whose blog is great, whose record collection i am plotting to steal, and who is not the same will that i talk about here from time to time) reminded me of some things about music. how vitally important it is to me, and how great it feels to play a song for someone and they're like yeah...yeah that's GOOD. how music can change your life, and forge connections.

music was also a big part of my last relationship and so i have shoved it into the background for the last six months or so. but it's really time for that to end. so i'm gearing up for an epic trip to the record store (i have created a new list) and thinking about playing my guitar again. i saw this guy on bart playing this travel sized electric with this box plugged in where normally you'd put the patch cable, and he had ipod earphones plugged into that box and he was just playing scales and i watched his fingers move around but i couldn't hear anything. he was a very interesting person and i wanted to follow him and record his actions like damiel and cassiel, just observing and recording humanity but never part of it.

but anyway, i have this idea about a way to use my blog to share music with you. i'm still working out the implementation details but i've got some clever ideas. i'm so excited!