seppuku vs. cake

today everything went wrong that could go wrong. and finally at the end of it all i sat here and realized that the recording session i did today...none of it came out at all because will forgot to tell me that i have to explicitly tell my mac to use the mic, otherwise it only does it correctly by default half the time. so the whole thing was recorded using the regular computer microphone, which my subject was pretty far away from, and it's horrible and useless, all of it. which probably doesn't seem that bad but it's a huge huge deal, trust me. the earliest i'll be able to re-record is friday and i have to lug all this crap back into the office and impose upon this poor girl YET AGAIN and this thing is due really soon and arrrrgh it was horrible. i decided that seppuku was the answer to my problems.

then i remembered that we had reservations for a friend's birthday dinner at citizen cake, which i love and adore and used to live three blocks from. so i was left with the age-old dilemma i'm sure you've all faced many times:

seppuku or cake.

cake won.
mostly 'cause i didn't have a second for the seppuku.