even if he/she is unwilling

gmail ads are the best.

my friend sent me the text of her email blowing off some guy. to see what i thought before she sent it. and gmail gives me this:
Broken Heart? Heartache?
Strategies to get your lover back, even if he/she is unwilling.

rejected? heartbroken? thinking of ending it all?

never fear, tigress luv will show you how to get your partner back in your arms...whether your partner wants you back or not.
"NOW is the ONLY Time to STOP Your BREAK UP and Save Your Relationship...BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! That’s a pretty scary fact, I know."
see, i go to college so i happen to know that the appropriate definition of 'fact' is not 'whatever tigress luv wrote on the internet'.
"I followed the advice I found in your webBook with the man I was dating. One week ago he said he would never ever date me again and that he would never give me another chance. I followed your advice and last night, to my surprise, he called and we are dating again. Although he is a commitment-phobic, it is good to have him back in my life.

I am so glad I found your web site just in time to prevent the break-up from succeeding."
congratulations cal, he sounds like a keeper. definitely.
"Just had lunch with the ex. She is not an ex anymore. We are going out again tonight, and we are back together. Read the book. Don't THINK. Do what the book says. It worked like a charm."~I. Mike
don't THINK. right, of course! everyone knows relationships fall apart when you start to THINK.
"Ms Tigress, I just signed up on the Lifted Hearts Network, and after reading for just a couple of hours, I think I learned more about myself than I have in the past 5 years. I recently had my heart broken and it seemed that this webBook was written just for me. Thank you."
actually yeah, it was written just for you...the only person dumb enough to buy this crap.
uh i mean...good work.
just remember, don't THINK.