magic 8 ball says...

first, the control questions:

is the pope catholic?
> as i see it, yes
is it raining today?
> yes
is neutral milk hotel the greatest band that ever existed?
> it is decidedly so
have i been flossing regularly?
> very doubtful

ok good, it works.
you have to make sure it's not opposite day.


now, the real questions:

will i finish my term paper?
> it is certain
will i get into school at berkeley?
> yes
will i have sex again in 2005?
> my reply is no
will i get drunk at the company holiday party?
> as i see it, yes
will i tell anyone they're hot, when i'm drunk at the party?
> cannot predict now
will i go to peru in the summer?
> you may rely on it
does harry potter die in book 7?
> signs point to yes

haha sorry heather. the 8 ball knows all.