who needs more than six hours of sleep, anyway?
not i.
that's why royal invented coffee.

this morning i'm in a great mood because a professor from cornell wrote back already to an email that i sent at like 1am and she says yes it sounds as though our interests might well overlap significantly. and she tells me about her work.

and i'm all woah, i have interests!
research interests!

and they "might well overlap significantly" with this professor at cornell who did her doctoral work at berkeley and it all sounds perfect OHHHHHHH except that she's retiring within a year. bzzzzzzzzt, thank you for playing. drive through.

but she wrote me a nice message and she copied two of her colleagues.
so they know i'm coming.
so i'm in a good mood.

one time early in the fall i was talking to will about something we didn't like about the department and i said 'it's okay, i think i can change that.' and he was like 'what, you and your flower power?' and i was all 'you have no idea what i'm capable of.' SNAP.

hell, apparently i don't even know what i'm capable of.
it's kind of cool.