rico suave

i'm in hell at home saturday night writing my term paper and plowing through a massive historical problem involving tone and consonant changes between old written tibetan and modern lhasa tibetan.

okay i lied.
i live for this stuff.

but here's the story i want to tell you tonight.
thematically following the last post, i'm gonna do you all a favor and pass along the coolest pickup line i've ever heard and i heard it directly from one of the people involved so we know it really did happen.

who loves you?


girl, recently broken up with boyfriend, goes to a show alone.
riding muni home, moping a little, she starts to unwrap the cd she just bought at the merch table.

boy sitting behind girl on the bus went to the same show, also alone. he sees her cd and so starts a conversation with her about the band. they live almost around the corner from each other, so they get off the bus together and he walks her home.

at her front door, he says 'hey actually, do you want to come over for awhile and hang out?'

she: 'no, i'm pretty tired'
he: 'i really think you should come over'
she: 'why?'
he: 'because when i call you tomorrow to ask you out, aren't you going to wish you'd seen my record collection?'

she went.
five years later, they're still together.


i would really love it if someone would try this line (modify as necessary) and email me to let me know how it goes.