noe valley pilgrimage

i have this friend caryl.
she makes me feel really good about the world.
you know that kind of friend.

this summer when i said 'hey i think i'd like to hike halfdome' caryl was like yeah...okay let's go.

and she's a foodie and ... whatever the wine equivalent of a foodie is. i don't want to say winie because that sounds like whiny and caryl is definitely not whiny. nor is she a wino. that i know of.

caryl and i might be roommates in the spring and we would have a totally rad place, i know it.

she makes computer games for a living and she knows everything about every game ever made. and she's read all the books you wish you could say you've read because then you'd sound all cool and smart and hip and stuff. but she just reads them 'cause she wants to, 'cause that's what it is to be caryl. it's just being who you are and not needing to play to anyone's expectations. when you look up "straight shooter" in the dictionary, caryl is pictured there. she's flashing a big thumbs-up sign.

tonight caryl made cioppino and invited the halfdome girls over (oh did i mention that she used to cook in restaurants? i like people who have lived many lives. particularly when those past lives mean yummy food for me) and after dinner we played guitar hero and it was the first time i ever played it and at first i sucked and then i sucked a little less but always it was fun and i danced around a bit pretending to be a rockstar and it made me want to come home and play my real guitar but instead i think i'll just go to sleep now, and when i close my eyes i'll see colored circles and stripes representing what 'chords' i have to play, zooming towards me.

for the first time in three days i don't have a headache.
i have cioppino in my fridge.
i'm happy.