the little engine driver who could mix metaphors

i think i can...i think i can...

will lent me his cool mic and preamp so now i can make really good recordings of telugu words for my term paper because i have to say, the iTalk recordings were crap for spectrographic analysis. it samples at 8KHz which is basically the same as a telephone and it turns out that isn't enough for speech...fricative noises especially (ssss, fffff, shhhhhh) have energy above that range. also some release bursts. sooooo...i re-record.

oh god this is not interesting at all.
i'm sorry, i'm sorry.
i'll be back to normal soon i swear.

as a related aside, i feel like i've been offending people lately. i feel socially inept, like i can't even judge the weight of my words before they're out of my mouth. i generally have a good bit more empathy than i do these days. perhaps it's not having extra energy to devote, or perhaps i'm just becoming a selfish shrivelled blackhearted dessicated thing.