end o' the term blues

today it took me over eight hours to break up all my long recording sessions with my native speaker for my phonology course project into sound files covering about 260 different words.

in other words, i feel like i'm in labor.
not that i've ever been in labor, but it must be like this.

the early stages of labor.
and i'm already flailing.

so much still to do and i've been trying but everything keeps taking at least twice as long as i think it's going to. and it makes me want to have a tantrum. i hate this i hate it i want to be done and done with finals and to be in minnesota where my mom will make food for me and tell me to take naps and put blankets over me when i fall asleep on the couch. and i can watch tv and read fiction and talk to people like a normal human being. i want this semester to be done and i want my apps to be done and

oh my god.

my stupid undergrad school screwed up my transcripts! i.e. i got twice as many sent to my house as they were supposed to send so i'm guessing they doubled one order and skipped the other so now i have to deal with calling them to try to figure out what went where, if they even know. and try not to yell at them and freak out all over them 'cause it's probably some student making $6 an hour and humans are human but damnit this is really really important.

you can. not. screw. this. up.
if you do, you don't get a second chance.

now after i go get my friend from the airport i have to customize my cornell and chicago statements of purpose. then map and write about the telugu vowel space. three pages of solid term paper prose before i sleep, that's my goal. and i'll still be behind schedule.

bitch whine complain.