dream / about a car, part four

in my dream i was on a ski trip and was charged with watching a little girl, it seemed to be my three-year-old cousin grace, who is me in miniature. she was strapped into some sort of external frame backpack and i was carrying her around. i was riding a chairlift with my dad and at the top i set her down. my dad went off one direction, we had a plan for when and where to meet. i went off the other way to quickly look at something then come back and pick up the girl, but somehow i slid off the edge of a cliff and was hanging by my arms. it was funny because i knew i would be able to get back up but i also knew it would be really hard and take a long time, and i was worried about grace. she was just sitting up there alone. i threw one leg up over the edge and slowly with small movements began working myself up to safety. i think it took around an hour because in between advancements i had to stop and rest. the funny part was, after i made it to the top i realized it wasn't really a cliff...more like a bridge over a rocky sort of ravine and one part of the bridge had simply caved in. it wasn't very deep so i just jumped down into it, then noticed a stairway that i was able to easily walk up, to the top and out again.

easy to interpret, i suppose.
it seems my psyche enjoys dramatizing its own story.

but anyway, as promised...


about a car, part four
...in which i meet a repo man

so judy called on monday night and oakland's finest had recovered my car. we planned to go down on tuesday morning to see what kind of shape it was in; they weren't able to tell her anything when they called.

tuesday morning 8.30a in the opd is an interesting place to be. where interesting should be read as 'depressing'. the guy at the next window was trying to use a company check (his company, mind you, he had paperwork to prove this and the name of the company matched his name on his driver's license) to pick up his company truck which was...either towed or stolen, i don't know...and they wouldn't let him. it has to be a personal check with your name. but the truck is registered to my company. doesn't matter, it has to be a personal check with your name. i got frustrated just listening to it.

a few people were sitting in chairs behind us, waiting as judy negotiated the release and obtained a copy of the police report. based on what she was saying, one of the guys sitting down asked me if my car got stolen. "yeah." big dude, buzzed hair, looked nice but kind of tough, like a bouncer. a friendly bouncer. "oh. i'm a repo man, i'm here to pick up a car too." excuse me, did he just say he's A REPO MAN?!?! omg i totally wanted to ask him if it's like the movie but then it was time to go and as we were waiting for the elevator he stepped up to the window and i noticed the back of his shirt said "speedy auto recovery" and i tried to take a picture but my stupid camera battery had no charge.

so then we had to go to some crazy towing place in like far east oakland or nevada or something, i don't even know where it was but i don't really care 'cause i don't really see myself wanting to go back anytime soon or ever. even the graffiti was sad, pitiful scrawls of "fuck you," no style, no bite. paid over 300 bucks and they told us where to wait for them to bring the car out from the back. waited there for like an hour or a month or something, finally got bored and i was like hey judy, let's just walk back there and check it out. walked past the caged barking dogs and forklift drivers and it was cool because there was this HUGE warehouse with windows all along one side and half of them were broken so i could just put my head right through and look around. thousands and thousands of cars and motorcycles just sadly waiting there for somebody or nobody or auction time.

they didn't like us poking around so they shut the gate & made us move out to the street. finally they told us that the car wasn't driveable because whoever stole it pulled the ignition out of the steering column so we'd have to get it towed. while we were waiting for that to happen, the repo man showed up! he went inside but left without getting his car, i'm not sure why. there was someone tailing him which sketched judy out but i think repo man can handle it.

long story long, aaa came and we got it towed to the mechanic i went to for my old car before i moved into the city and it got shot and killed. they said it didn't look that bad, fix the ignition, the flat tire, and the broken back window. so for a day or so i thought i'd get it back but then we found out that whoever stole it also put about 12 holes in the gas tank. they look like screw holes so probably they were trying to attach something maybe for carrying drugs or something. my car was almost a drug runner! which is sort of cool too. anyway apparently a new gastank is super expensive so now the repair estimate is getting close to the value of the car so the insurance may just want to total the car. everyone else is figuring it out, all i really have to do is sit around & wait.

but whatever.
i met a repo man!