about a car 3: easy come, easy go

it really was the most beautiful car, because everyone had a piece of it. all my crazy family with their mechanics and their advice and their driving, and my dad's white tape over the rust spots and everything. i drove it one night and the next morning and then it got stolen. who knew my yuppified 'hood was the car theft capital of the universe.

so, now i have no car again.

did i ever tell you my last car got shot? yeah, that was in my last yuppified 'hood, in the city. k said "amy, i'm not sure you're supposed to have a car." and the policeman came and he looked like he was 18 years old, fresh pink face. he said "easy come, easy go" and we all laughed because judy said just the same thing, earlier on the phone. i gave him a limonata, he didn't know what it was and i said it's lemon soda, here have some. he saw the red star on the can and said it's commie soda. k and i, on the same page, said at the same time no it's from italy. it's fascist soda.

but anyway.
farewell poor honda, we hardly knew ye.