love letter

do you know how much i love my dear friend karen?
let me tell you about it.

first i should remind the home audience that in the last week:
1. my car was stolen
2. i flailed on a midterm
3. the guy i finally decided that i really DO like flew to portland to visit another girl

not my fuckin' week. but karen came out with me last night, our plan: have a glass of wine after work.

we proceeded to get slowly and methodically fucked up at this yuppified but somehow still cozy raw bar/cocktail lounge near my work, while halfway listening to some local guy sing blues then some other white boy from west virginia rapping while trying to sound like a jamaican. kinda lame so we started making up our own songs to go with the music, mainly about linguistics or the guy or how thinking is hard, and then had the super brilliant idea of recording TEN of our songs in my iTalk (omg i've been listening to it all day). and getting creepily shmoozed by the waiter, jim. three hours later we staggered our asses out of there, stopped in the 7-11 for cigarettes and cupcakes, decided to go to yerba buena gardens, took photos of nighttime welding guy, decided to go in the metreon and see serenity and by strange accident ended up seeing it on imax.

so why do i love karen?
worst week ever, and i had the most perfectly awesome night i can imagine. even stumbling in my front door at 2.30a, wet and cold from walking in the rain, already hungover, i couldn't stop grinning.

why do i love karen?
because i told her to put it in her mouth and suck it. and she did.

because she poses fabulously.

just because.