notes to self

1. don't watch coen brothers films with parents.
2. don't question whether "the liberal bias of the media" really exists.
3. don't try to put black pepper on the popcorn, for the sake of all that is holy!
4. don't ask what kind of beer they have on tap at a tiny little hick bar in a tiny little nowhere, mn.
5. don't expect to read an entire book on the philosophy of the mind while on vacation.
6. do ask for a thermarest for your birthday; mom likes to do theme gifts.

7. hope for thunderstorms...
(do you have any idea how much i miss thunderstorms?)
(do you?)

8. remember that the world has shown you over and over again that people are the most beautiful when they are the most fully themselves. and anything that brings anyone closer to that state is more than likely a good thing.

9. don't always be so contemplative, goddamnit. learn when to stop.

oh yeah, note to northwest airlines:
10. don't strike on friday. prettyplease i'll be your best friend.