at-'niwhong wh'awhde

i'm in the desert.

specifically, i'm at a navajo tribal college in arizona. i'm here to present my dictionary project at a conference.

the thing about deserts is: they're hot. and dry. i feel like today has been an endless loop of applying sunscreen, finding my sun hat, drinking water, refilling water, ad infinitum. the weather is making me tired and a bit cranky. the latter no doubt exacerbated by the fact that i haven't finished my talk yet. ah well, others are still working on theirs too, so i'm not alone in my lameness at least.

i've eaten two hot dogs and two meals containing ground beef.

my talk is saturday morning and mostly i'm just looking forward to being done with it. what i'm really looking forward to is sunday, when we tour the south rim of canyon de chelly.

monday: home.