monday: fry bread and cherries

still can't get my brain around my own project, the germany project. but made significant progress on the dictionary today, which is good. i think of that teacher on the reservation saying "what do i need? um, where do i start. i need everything." and i know this will help those kids at least a little. so it's good.

worked hard today, then napped hard. woke up from the nap at 7p, verdena brought us some indian fry bread she'd just made, and then we all went for a walk down the road. we walked past a cherry orchard and on the way back we stopped and filled up big sacks of cherries (with the owner's permission). have you ever eaten a cherry right off the tree? i've eaten at some crazy good restaurants, and i'm not sure they can produce anything that can compare to plucking a perfectly ripe cherry and popping it right in your mouth and spitting the seed out onto the ground. actually, "we" didn't fill the sacks, the others did while i walked along picking the best ones (L & i: "we're cherry-picking cherries", fun with noun incorporation!) and eating them and kept eating them until we got to the end of the row and went home. now we have a big bowl of them which i had to move away from me because otherwise i will eat cherries until i have a stomachache.