ten thousand lakes? more like ten thousand times awesome!

bloopy accused me of commenting on his blog under an assumed name in order to defend the great state of minnesota. this is my response.


okay. if that WAS me, and i'm not saying it was, i would by default be right because i am in college.

that said, here is a very tiny sampling of the good stuff that minnesota (NOT missouri) has brought into the lives of all:
1. bob dylan
2. the replacements
3. husker du
4. prince (yeah i said it)
5. spam (i don't partake, but it has a certain aesthetic appeal)
6. paul bunyan
7. and babe, his blue ox
8. the world's largest ball of twine (darwin, MN)
9. a prairie home companion
10. possibly the only state governor more ridiculous than the governator (former gov. jesse "the body" ventura)
11. ME!

see, i didn't even have to think about it at all, and this list goes to 11.
now what did missouri ever do for you, huh?