good people

my fieldwork partner and i have settled into an easy symbiosis. it's always weird for me to do trips where i spend all day, every day, with a person or people. i spend a good amount of time on my own at home, and i enjoy that. but if it's gotta be someone, L is a really good choice. interactions with her are marked by mutual consideration. interesting conversation mixed with comfortable silences. similar styles of communication and senses of humor. in one narrow way, she reminds me of j when these spontaneous bursts of expression just explode out of her sometimes. i say "oh remember when verdena said..." and she smiles huge and says "ahhhh, that was GREAT!" and punctuates it with a joyful motion of the arms. very j-like.

she just elicited the word for 'circumcised penis' and rolled it out with an easy joke.

L is good people.