spare change

in the house i live in today, the laundry machines are free. in the apartment i will be living in two days from now, the laundry machines demand coins before they will agree to wash and dry your clothes. one thing i really hate is running out of quarters just when you need to do laundry. for some reason, it's terribly stressful for me, and i will spend all day playing messages in my head over and over and over and over about not forgetting to get quarters, where will i get quarters, sometimes people don't like it if you ask for quarters, don't forget to get quarters, need to do laundry, need quarters, blah blah blah omg. there is enough stress in my life without worrying about quarters!

so yesterday i walked into my bank and walked up to the teller guy, whipped out my atm card, and said "i'd like ten rolls of quarters, please."

he eyed me suspiciously. "ten. you want ten rolls of quarters. TEN. a hundred dollars in quarters?? well...i'll have to get them for you. they're gonna be heavy, you know." the whole time, he never did crack even the littlest smile, he just kept saying "you want a hundred dollars...in quarters" over and over. whatever dude, why you gotta judge?

in the midst of moving chaos, i am comforted and cheered by the thought of my quarter stash.