happy oregon morning

when we pulled into the driveway of our Hupa speaker's home yesterday, dinner was on. beef in red sauce. as neither L nor i eat meat at home, this part of the experience is always a little challenging. this is a logging town, the men in the family are logging men, and it's pretty much always meat and potatoes. it's so kind and wonderful of them to feed us, but we are used to eating other things.

we're staying in the guest house, where we have a freezer (but no fridge, but they gave us a cooler), a sink, and a stove. so this morning we ventured out to find a grocery store. on the way there i noticed a tiny little place with a greenhouse in the front...harvest something...organic food co-op! no way! the guy there was hilarious, total hippie, had just been awakened by a delivery truck so even though the store was closed, he let us in. "what time are you supposed to open?" i said. "whenever you guys get here," said he.

breakfast is organic yogurt with gingersnap granola and fair trade bananas. organic brazilian coffee with rice milk. peaches that are so ripe they feel like they want to burst open when you touch them. lunch will be almond butter sandwiches on seeded bread.