occupancy, occupation

the former housemates took me out to dinner last night. it was actually nice, though i got stuck sitting next to the one i am most uncomfortable with right now. but they were all very sweet and they gave me a framed photo of the seven of us on our camping trip, and an invitation to a birthday party. it was great to be around them again, they're so smart and funny and crazy and cool...and then it was great to go home.

home home home! where things are pretty and peaceful and getting settled. i'm unpacked enough that the still-packed boxes all fit in one closet, and so it looks like i'm totally done. though what's still packed is all my books and games and other homey things, so i feel their absence a bit. but...in time, time and time. today i made more cold mint tea with agave nectar, and hard-boiled eggs. i'm relishing the space, the fact that when i put something somewhere it stays there until i go back to it, the fact that my own stuff is everywhere, and the fact that i can go to the bathroom at night without putting on pants.

i'm not relishing how my neighbor is playing the most awful music in the world pretty loudly right now.

today i'm working on my talk. did i tell you i'm giving a talk at a conference in arizona? yeah, a week from today.