i'm in yr syntax, hax0rin yr derivation

you guys, i am maladaptive.

so i worked for the last four days straight on this big research project which was one of two papers due today. well, i worked all the time when i wasn't watching c's bigass tv, that is. it called to me though, i swear..."come to me...come watch the fast and the furious 3: tokyo drift...you know you want to..."


i'm tired and i want to be done and i have the second paper to finish still and submit by midnight. and i cannot. get. motivated. seriously, i have like two more pages to write. i've collected and presented all the data, now i just have to write some thoughts down about it, so easy. and here i sit. i have written exactly one paragraph in five hours.


it doesn't help that my professor told me it doesn't really matter! you're not supposed to alleviate my stress, you're supposed to be scary and threatening, damnit!

this is a lame post.
this is bad.
i feel deranged. TWO PAGES stand between me and summer. two.

maladaptive, i'm telling you.