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whatever energy is leftover after classes homework and writing i am using to search for money for the summer. i won a small fellowship to attend an institute at stanford in july, but i have to figure out how i'm going to pay my rent. registering for next year's classes. thinking about teaching (what?! i have nothing to offer anyone but my own confusion...). trying to stay in the now and focus on all the projects i have going even though it's totally overwhelming and exhausting and scary and i don't know if i'll do a good enough job on any of it 'cause there's just not enough time. i just want to space out and dream of the next thing.


funniest thing i've seen in a few days.
reviews for a fruit salad recipe on epicurious.

A Cook from London writes:
This was just awful, the mango blueberry combo is good but the ginger ruined it. I'll use a good slug of dark rum next time with the lime juice and brown sugar.

A Cook from Lyon, France writes:
It is considered by many that ginger complements fruits well. I suppose, London, that one would have to care for the flavour of ginger to enjoy this recipe. Perhaps that is why you thought it "ruined" the dish. However, since I lived (and ate) in London for 2 years, I feel qualified to posit that many Britons' comments regarding their sense of taste are perhaps to be taken with a grain of salt. Cheers.