i'm alive, i swear!

i think it's so funny how people will email you and say "Hi, this is Bob Smith." Well, okay, bob smith didn't really email me, but someone else did and that is how he opened, with his name. which also appeared in his signature at the bottom of the email text, and in the "from" field of the message itself. i am often tempted to do that the first time i email someone who doesn't know me, i suppose we are well conditioned by phone etiquette? i always resist the urge, because it seems so redundant.

oh, oh oh oh. what to tell you today. in the last few weeks some switch in me has been thrown fully to the ON position and i'm having all these ideas about things i want to work on. more than i can possibly keep up with, i can't start anything new, not for the next six weeks anyway. everyone says "write them down" and yes, i am writing them down. i will probably look back on them in two months and snicker, like i do with most of what i'm thinking about these days. the learning curve is steep indeed.

spring break is done, i did my fieldwork. it was...well, a revelation, really. i will write about it soon, when i can do it more justice than i will be able to right now. but now i've hit that point in the semester where it gets hard and the pressure is on and i've got to produce. a lot. more than last time. and soon.

i guess the difference is that this time i know i can handle it.