possible worlds

last night will & i went out and got drunk and played scrabble.

i was ahead by like 50 points for the whole game. then he insisted on buying me a third beer and i got stupid and he ended up winning by 5. damn will! damn beer! i demand a rematch. oh well, i was supposed to be cheering him up. so i guess it's good that he won.

what else.

i have to do better in one of my classes. like, seriously. it's making me anxious because i don't like the subject matter much and so i have difficulty forcing myself to take all the time required to be very (overly, if you ask me) explicit on my written assignments. even though i pretty much understand everything. but...i need an A in the class and i need the prof's thumbs-up to take my master's orals, so...i shall work harder, somehow.

tonight i'm trying to wrap my brain around the hardest thing i've ever read.
the semantics of questions.
very formal, full of propositional and predicate logic.