numbered list

1. the department is funding my summer research. this means that i don't have to get a Real Job (tm) and i can just sit around and work on Hupa all the time. is there anything better than getting paid to do what you want to be doing anyway?

2. i got the classes i want for the institute.

3. i am spearheading my department's protest against...well, let's just say it's a school thing. it sounds too trivial when i tell people outside of my little school microcosm about it. but i'm glad we're fighting it.

4. i helped run a conference this weekend and it was a success. and i got a free book out of it, one i've been coveting for weeks actually.

5. i submitted my first real conference abstract. i don't expect them to accept my paper, but i should know within two weeks.

6. six more days of classes!

life is pretty exciting these days.