calm before the change

after we came out of the bar i waved to my cohort and said goodbye because they were all going to a's house to keep the party going and i was going to sea salt. and a came running over and threw her arms around me and was like no! don't leave me! and then there were five or six people around me hugging me and pushing me with them down the street, they were like "no, you're coming with us" and i was just laughing and getting pushed along in this moving crowd.

it was a really good moment.

then i thought well i'll just walk down to sea salt i'm sure i'll sober up by then. i'm sure i'm a super fast walker when i'm mildly drunk. um. no. i'm not. i drunk called two friends and then i got there and ate lobster.

did you know lobster is from the latin word for locust? the -ster is an assimilated old english ending that was applied when the word was borrowed into OE from latin. and why the c changed to p (which i guess later voiced to b) is a mystery.

you know. in case you were wondering.