nice things

saturday morning woke up naturally 6:52am, steamy hot shower, grapefruit and earl gray tea. outside my window, sun. outside my window, a pink-flowered tree, and a city, and life like buzzing in your ears. inside, more middle english historical dialectology. table piled with books and grammars, plant wilting thirsty but still alive. somehow after 8 months, still alive. made bed, space heater beginning to win against the morning chill.

a little crush on a someone.
i am still choosing the improbable someones, which i suppose tells me something.

i don't like this semester much so i am trying to enjoy the lovely moments. yesterday walking out of dwinelle in the warm afternoon, everyone coming to life on the square like bears sleepdrunk stumbling out of hibernation caves. playing lazy guitar, drums, a harmonica. kids draped across benches, sunglasses and premature tank tops. even the rantings of the stray crazy homeless guy seemed gentle and warm. berkeley, berkeley in the spring. all the hills lush and green before the summer dry. the bell tower still stops me in my tracks, some days.