pulling signal from noise

a fieldwork situation found me.
i didn't find it.
it found me and the universe said yes on my behalf.
all signs pointed to yes.

i will be working on a language called Hupa. there are, according to my professor, 6 living speakers of the language. it is almost dead. i guess i better not screw this up, huh? my first trip will be at the end of this month. i think i need to buy some special notebooks or something.

actually, it sounds like a pretty amazing thing for a number of reasons. i will tell you more about it as it unfolds and when i am not so swamped as i am this week.

so i think that pretty much checks all the boxes i wanted to check in the first year. i found an advisor, found a language to do fieldwork on, found my direction. i joined some groups, applied for some fellowships, and developed a rough plan for the rest of my time in the program. i've even got a tentative plan for summer.

in other news, i have been tagged to do one of those meme thingys that all the kids are so crazy about these days. so look for that soon.