tower of power

well, i did have an interesting experience with cheese not too long ago. with apologies to the soy and feline cheese contingents, it involves plain old yellow dairy cheese. it was cheese that my co-op ordered from our bulk food supplier. it comes in a forty! pound! block!

i want to stop and draw your attention to the fact that forty pounds of cheese is like...half of an olsen twin. it was literally (and here i mean literally literally) the size of a microwave oven. a BIG microwave oven. it was a monolith of cheese. i'm serious, i could hear faint strains of "also sprach Zarathustra" in my head.

it happened to be delivered on the day that my house conducted our most recent round of roommate interviews. it was very telling to see people's reaction to the cheese, and to us hacking it apart into manageably sized chunks. some were amused, some were disgusted. one girl was like "...it's beautiful." i wanted her to move in on the spot.

why did we buy 40 pounds of cheese, you ask? you naysayer, you doubting thomas, you recidivist. we bought it because it only cost $35. and they sent it to our front door. what other reason could you possibly need?