this machine eats students

it must be the time of semester combined with time of year. everyone has that weary look to them, like please don't ask me to do anything else right now or i might lie down on the floor and start crying.

or maybe i'm projecting.

RIDL sat and talked to me today while i was making dinner. it was okay. i think if he would be chill and quiet a little more then i would like him (a little more).

i like quiet.

i just thought of this:
next halloween i want to dress someone up as a magritte painting.

i will make him wear a dark suit, red tie, and a bowler hat. i will make a large, fake, leafy green apple and attach it to the hat somehow so that it hovers directly in front of his face. then i will take a picture of him standing in front of the stone wall that runs along the sidewalk at ocean beach.

maybe i will make a bunch of people join me and we can go as an art museum, all as different paintings. i will be the one that k said i reminded her of, i'll walk around biting my hair all night. it will be awesome.