i just had the best experience with apple tech support.

i'm not kidding. she was competent, friendly, and went out of her way to fix errors made by previous people i'd dealt with over there. now my cantankerous little baby is purring again. (i still don't recommend buying a macbook yet, though..) and the house internet is happy too (unrelated issue).

so now i suppose i have no choice but to get back to work. it was perversely nice when my computer was staging a coup earlier and i didn't want to deal with it. i just sat on my couch with blankets piled on me and watched kieslowski's red. it was really excellent, but i'm not sure what AMG means when they call it the "most accomplished effort" in the trois couleurs trilogy. red is structurally interesting, it deals with ramified connections between people. but it seems a bit lacking in character transformation, at least to the extent that it is woven through the other two films. white is clever and has a satisfying story of turnabout and redemption, but blue is my favorite. it is profoundly, breathtakingly emotional. it exposes the extraordinary toughness of humanity, even at the most fragile point in a life.

still, to say that blue is my favorite is like trying to choose which is my favorite song from in the aeroplane over the sea, or my favorite chapter from lolita. by kieslowski's design, each film is best taken as a figure set against the ground of the coherent whole.