hot drinks and writing

i discovered mate.

have you ever tried mate? it's amazing. i tend to drink more caffeine than i should so i didn't expect to be too affected but this is a whole different thing. i drank a mate latte with cardamom and vanilla and rice milk, now i feel totally awake, energetic, happy, not jittery, and focused. perfect for the evening of writing which is already in progress. my housemates said i looked a little flushed which isn't surprising because at the moment i feel weirdly suffused with life. it's either the mate or a manic episode; let's hope for the former.

i really love writing during the day. i am a morning and early-afternoon writer, i have discovered. not so surprising, i am a morning person in general. even when i stay up late. and so although i am loving my classes and want to always continue taking a class here and there, i am looking forward to third year, when my schedule will be all about research and writing (and, of course, teaching). big yummy blocks of time during the day to sit at my desk or at a cafe or outside somewhere and write.

the evening is a fine time for reading. but writing goes so well with the sun pushing away the late morning fog, at my little desk next to my big window with some dreamy music or just the sound of life outside, and a cup of coffee steaming near my right hand.