and veni

my house internet hates us and so i am un-online-able at the moment. but because it is NaBloPoMo, i am at my friend's place leeching her internets. you see? you see what i do for you? that's love, baby.

one thing i love about living in the bay area is that when i say things like "i need to go walk in the forest" then i can get up and drive twenty minutes and be walking in a redwood forest (please don't start singing "this land is your land" right now because my roommate-i-don't-like did that). walking in the redwoods is so good, it's so cliche to say but they are totally majestic. all towering around you, you get to the bottom of the canyon and it's cool and damp and forest dark. then you walk back up and burst out into the sunshine. i walked around for a couple of hours, it smelled so good, like redwood and bay. there were no desks or computers and not even that many humans.

then i took a nap.
then i got my hair cut.
then i went to the grocery store.

this post was brought to you by the letters a and s, and the number 839.