on the s-side

boy. writing every day is hard.
just like thinking.
and math. math is the hardest.
let's go shopping instead...

actually no, i hate shopping, unless it's at a bookstore or record store. or an art supply store or sometimes a school/office product store. but other than that, i'd prefer calculus any day. it's just funny to say that, i think, while tilting one's head to the side and speaking in a vacuous tone.

today i went shopping.

haha, just kidding, i spent all day in a linguistics conference, specifically in a syntax&semantics conference for grad students and faculty from berkeley, stanford, and santa cruz. it rotates each year and this year it was in my home away from home, dwinelle hall, on the beautiful UCB campus. actually, i think the co-op is my home away from home and dwinelle is the real thing, maybe...i mean, the co-op probably won't last past this spring, and i'll be lurking deep in the bowels of dwinelle for at least another 4.5 years or so. (aside: wow, i never knew my building had its own website until now.)

well. there are 11 days left in november.
what should i write about next?