these barriers exist for a reason you know. you don't get the choice anymore you know. you gave me no choice but to get over you, and now i give you no choice but to let go of me. maybe all we ever were was a weirdly polarized pair of concepts; we each wanted the other to complete us. it wasn't going to happen though, you weren't going to ever let it happen.

there isn't anyone else but there is the idea of someone. maybe with some echoes of you but unselfish. and okay and grownup and who maybe grounds me a little instead of injecting me with chaos. and who makes me better instead of leading me into dark and alone. i think you saw that happening, i think you knew i would have followed you all the way in. i would have followed you anywhere, maybe like you said you wanted to protect me.

or maybe i confused being used with being needed, as empaths are prone to doing. but i don't think it really matters, in the end. i can invent our past now just like i wanted to invent our present, then. what's different about a past is that it exists only in memories, so i can make it whatever i want. as long as it's in service of my own sanity i think it's fine.

now i just think you should try to go and be happy in your life.
and i will do the same.

your friend,