good things by other people

"sure," said i. "i will review abstracts for BLS. cool."

thinking i would get 10 or 15 submission abstracts but no. i have 100! abstracts! to read and comment on, selecting the best 14 to give talks at the conference. i am the gatekeeper.

today is for working, so in lieu of original content i offer you some neat things i have seen lately:

1. where the hell is matt? (some guy named matt)
yes, it's really real.

2. ghost in the machine (jake jakob)
i have a lot to say about this, hopefully i will get around to saying it.

3. a reason to give thanks (will the boy)
i'm not sure i want to have kids, but this makes me more inclined to do so, if only because then someday i can be a grandma & try to be half as amazing as will's grandma.