i woke up a little gloomy and dispirited today. i did not want to do thanksgiving, i wanted to stay in my bed all day. after i showered and walked to 7-11 for coffee (ew, i know, but it's all that was open and missing my coffee would have been far, far worse) i brought all of my special groceries and my recipes to the kitchen. i turned on NPR and the guy from postsecret was on "talk of the nation" so that was a good sign.

now it is five hours later and i am so happy. i love cooking and i have done very little real cooking since school started. since i moved, really. today i made vegetable gravy (i had made roasted vegetable stock from scratch last night, i deglazed the roasting pan with white wine and the whole bit. if you ever want to make vegetable stock i highly recommed roasting first, the caramelized vegetables give it so much flavor) and a ginger-honey pumpkin pie. it is very daunting to bring the pumpkin pie to a thanksgiving dinner, particularly one as high-caliber as judy's always is. i've never made a very good pumpkin pie before but you should see this one, it is beautiful and perfect. and the gravy is rich and smooth and peppery. and then i talked to a bunch of people on the phone and soon i will go to judy's. i love thanksgiving! do you hear me? thanksgiving thanksgiving thanksgiving! i love you!

happy day, everyone. call someone you love. let the sun warm your face. remember it is a beautiful world.