enn ess eff

i am applied.

i won't hear whether i won or not until some time in march. which i think is nice, in a way. humans (and other animals too) associate temporal proximity with causation. a common fallacy is to assume a causal connection between two events that happen in quick succession. in a way, i can play a little game with myself by consciously engaging in the reverse fallacy. such a long delay between behavior and reward removes the perception of a causal connection (even though it actually IS at least partially causal, working hard = better chance of winning). in other words, i have to find some other internal purpose to having just suffered through the last month and a half.

once i get some sleep, i think i will be very happy to have gone through the exercise. unfortunately that will have to wait for the weekend as i have deadlines every day this week.

i can't get my mind to stick to anything. so i sit here in a campus food court, blogging, cursing the fact that they bother to have electrical outlets installed all around the perimeter but they DON'T WORK.

oh well. i have to go make lists of verbs from an obscure dead language now.