promise, levity, progress

i read about NaBloPoMo and decided to do it. which means that you, dear reader, will have the (dubious) pleasure of thirty days (has september, april, june, and november) of regular updates. perhaps i will get back into my old habits of writing every day.

since i didn't find out about this until yesterday, my name is not on the official list. i guess that means i'm a renegade NaBloPoMo-er, which is really pushing things linguistically. i realize that it appears from my timestamps that i missed nov1, but in actuality, my oct31 writing was posted after midnight. it's just that the timestamp shows when i started writing the post, and not when i actually posted it. it's good enough for me.

q: why do programmers confuse halloween and christmas? (click&drag highlight below for answer)

a: because oct31 = dec25.


all day long i have been sitting here finishing my NSF application. i am deep in the land of diminishing returns and yet i persist.

by the way, i have perfect spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization etc.etc. in my academic writing. i suppose that isn't so unusual, many people have different registers of speech...slangy, formal, domain-based, etc.

poetry is characterized by infelicity; you have to work to get at the meaning and this is part of what we value in the form. i could claim that my typing style here increases my expressivity...but really, it's probably just about saving keystrokes.