things i did today

1. hid from my life (i.e. skipped class and did not go to campus)
2. logged onto yim, stayed invisible, talked to h only
3. sat in my room with window wide open and door open, warm dry fall air blowing through my room and sunshine and idle resting brain
4. took a nap
5. walked to peet's and got a pumpkin spice latte
6. faxed some important things, decided to drop a class
7. watched a movie
8. a movie, did you hear me! i have not watched a movie since school started. ohhh the selfish indulgence of taking two whole hours to do nothing more productive than plunge oneself into the fantasy lives of others. delicious. (it was the sweet hereafter, i adore sarah polley)
9. made a haircut appointment and took a photo of my roommate whose hair i am going to copy
10. answered some emails i was feeling guilty for not having answered
11. read a novel! well, read part of a novel. okay fine, RE-read part of a novel. still. (it was diamond age)

i feel nearly like a human again. i feel like i've been on vacation.