a request

send me an argument.

i will explain. i need to write a pragmatic analysis of a chunk of text. i originally thought children's story so i lugged a copy of the phantom tollbooth around today to refresh the memory, it's been a few years since i last sat down and read it all, but nothing seemed quite right. i thought poetry but i am hesitant to so closely analyze any poem worth spending that much time thinking about. there is something fragile about one's relationship to art that does not survive scrutiny entirely intact. i prefer my naive appreciation (though if it is selfaware then maybe it is not really naive). then i thought...an argument. a fight. yes, but it should be text.

so i want someone to send me the text of an argument with a friend or lover that occurred over email or instant messenger. it must be the original text, ideally unedited except that you may change the names. in case you do that, please do assign unique identifiers (person1, person2, ...) to each participant, so that i can keep everyone's contribution straight. in case you do not, i will do it for you. i am particularly interested in exchanges which show metacommunication (talking about how the conversation is going), negotiation, and expectations engendered by intimacy (e.g. "you should know me better than that!").

you will have the choice of remaining anonymous or receiving a citation in the paper, acknowledging your contribution. this is just for a class, not intended for publication, so it's unlikely that anyone other than my professor will SEE the acknowledgement, but still.

if i don't get anything suitable i may use one of my own; i have several that would make good material. but i think it would be better to analyze an exchange in which i did not take part. i will certainly understand if nobody wants to share their arguments, but it never hurts to ask.

send to:
lifeinlimn at gmail dot com