week 9

work eat work sleep work eat work laundry work sleep work exercise work eat work sleep
...you get the idea.

caffeine intake skyrocketed there for awhile, upwards of two ridicularge coffees and several cans of pop (yes i am from the midwest) per day. coffee at night, mmm, nothing like the zingy rush of the first-time coffee at night. within a few days it shreds your insides and leaves you zombielike, but the first time is pure awake studious joy. too much caffeine and sugar and no exercise for weeks (months?) finally got me feeling lethargic and depressed so i am working on it now. sunshine and running and clean laundry, instant antidepressants.

i've been taking care of brain and heart, though. you would be proud.

next week housesitting five nights allbymyself in a huge lovely house beginning on halloween with pumpkin and candy. i predict that i will love having a bathroom to myself, and miss my housemates more than i am entirely comfy with. and watch too much television.

the weekend before this semester started i had the loveliest gluttonous weekend during which i shut myself in my room and watched the entire first season of the OC. 27 episodes! two days! this january two of my roommates and i are chipping in to buy the second season, and together we will reprise the debauchery on MLK weekend, right before next semester starts. i have to say, i like this ritual. i have to say, that will be an awesome weekend, if i can just make it there.